Graduate Advising

Masters @RIEM, SWUFE

Class of Name Initial Placement Current Placement
2021 Wang, Ruoheng KPMG KPMG

Undergraduate Advising

Note 1: I either served as an advisor for their undergraduate dissertation, or else a letter writer for their graduate school applications.
Note 2: An asterisk indicates that I served as a dissertation advisor.


Class of Name Placement Program
2023 Chen, Boyuan* Boston University MS in Business Analytics
2023 Dong, Zhengying University of Hong Kong MSc in ECom & ICom
2023 Fan, Qingyang UCLA Master of Quantitative Economics
2023 Han, Qihang PKU Guanghua MPAcc
2023 Huang, Kaiwen* CUFE MFin
2023 Huang, Sijia University of Cambridge MPhil in Economics
2023 Huang, Zhouhang* Nanyang Technological University MAcc (Data Analytics Specialisation)
2023 Li, Ruibing PwC then UCL MA Comparative Business Economics
2023 Lian, Naiqi* Imperial College London MSc Investment & Wealth Management
2023 Ling, Jiaxin Renmin University of China MA Econ(Labor)
2023 Liu, Haoyu* University of Hong Kong MSc CompSc (Financial Computing)
2023 Liu, Ziang University of Hong Kong MSc CompSc (General)
2023 Shen, Feiyun Wuhan University MA Econ(Labor)
2023 Tang, Zijiao PKU SOE MFin
2023 Wang, Siying Rutgers University PhD in Accounting Information Systems
2023 Wang, Zihao CEMFI Master in Economics
2023 Xiang, Wenxuan University of New South Wales Master of Financial Technology
2023 Wu, Junqing TAMU MS Econ
2023 Xiong, Jiayi University College London (UCL) MSc Risk and Disaster Science
2023 Yang, Jinchen TAMU MS Econ
2023 Yu, Jiahui HSBC then HKUST MSc Global China Studies
2023 Zhao, Yexin Xiamen University MFin
2023 Zhou, Zhuoran University of Cambridge MPhil in Economics
2022 Du, Kehan University of Bristol MSc Economics, Finance & Management
2022 Guo, Zhicheng University of Glasgow MSc Financial Economics
2022 Huang, Nuoxin* LSE MSc Local Economic Development
2022 Li, Zhixin Columbia University MA in Mathematics of Finance
2022 Liu, Jingxian* University of Bonn MSc in Economics
2022 Lei, Chunya HKUST MSc in Economics
2022 Lyu, Gengyu* Northwestern University & CUHK Dual Masters
2022 Pang, Liwei National University of Singapore Master of Applied Economics
2022 Wang, Yifan PKU HSBC MFin
2022 Xiao, Xuanqi Technical University of Munich Master in Management & Technology
2022 Xu, Ruotong* CUHK Shenzhen MSc in Accounting
2022 Wang, Qianxin* LSE MSc Economics and Management
2022 Zhou, Xinyu PKU HSBC MFin

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